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What is in it for you? Your business matters to us.

  • We save you time and money by finding the right candidate, fast. We will search beyond your expectations and endeavor to find you the highest caliber of candidate entirely based on YOUR NEEDS.
  • We will find out what you need in an ideal candidate, not only qualifications and experience, but the type of person you require. All people are different and all companies are different. In order to find that match we need to know precisely what to search for.
  • If you decide to use our services we will advertise your vacancy on all the major jobsites across the UK, and advertise in specialist publications if required. We will then search on our extensive database of registered candidates. In addition our corporate mapping techniques and extensive networking gets results.
  • We will NOT just send you CVs. We will interview all potential candidates and assess their suitability for the role. If they are not suitable we will NOT send their details to you. If they are suitable you will receive a full synopsis on the candidate together with their CV
  • We arrange all interviews, reference checks and can arrange other tests if you wish. All you have to do is say Yes or No.

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  • If you wish to find out more, or if you have a requirement, then please contact us at
  • tel: 01428 717211 or email
  • We will be happy to send you examples of our profiles, our Terms and Conditions, and testimonials.

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We pride ourselves on the highest levels of customer service and our dedication to our recruitment process. Acceler-It was created to meet the demand for an honourable and more efficient recruitment service. When you apply for a vacancy, you can be assured that your application will be taken seriously.  We have often found roles for exceptional candidates and we are experienced in providing sound advice on your next move.  Send your C.V. and expectations/requirements to

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