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Interview Advice

Points to remember:

1. You are at the interview because the employer wants you there. It’s not goodwill, or charity  you earned the right to be there, so be confident in your abilities  you’ve just overcome the first step! If it is a coding role take your laptop with your examples. Employers love to see you are proud of your work.

2. Go into the interview, smile and shake the hands of the people who will be employing you. Make a Point to  remember their names.

3. Be relaxed especially important if the job you are going for requires client or customer contact  if you cant be relaxed while being interviewed, you will not get a customer / client related job. However be professional and make sure you emphasise what you would like to learn. No-one knows it all.


4. Think of something interesting to ask them. It shows you have taken the company seriously and is really important to do as it will impress them more than your skills! You might be the best at what you do but if you do not convince them that this is where you want to be you will not be asked back. If it’s a large company that has been in the press recently, then ask about it  read up on industry and sector news  it shows that you are keeping up to date with new developments and that you’re on the ball. If you can research the interviewer even better. Ask about the team. Why do they like working there? How do they see you fitting in with the team?

5. Try to relate your existing skills to the role that you are applying for by asking them what they would like you to do when you arrive.  (eg, oh yes, I did a similar thing at school/college/uni/a previous job.”).

6. Sell yourself. You are offering them a service, which they will have to pay you for. They are your customers. Much easier if you have asked them what they are after.


7. If it does not go well,  for whatever reason, remember you have to interview them too and  you don’t get the job or want to work there  chalk it up to experience and move on to the next interview. Don’t let it set you back. It is very important to give us your honest feedback so we can help you better in the future and can advise the client where it all went wrong. Interview skills are learned and developed through experience, so don’t dwell on your failures  but do learn from them!

Good Luck!



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